John Etnier imageJohn Etnier converted Studio Dual from an unfinished home studio in 1991, shortly after the sale of his previous studio, Megaphone, in Portland. His aim was to consolidate the very best available recording equipment and technology into a compact and cost-efficient space. Ostensibly this was to further work on his music, released on the Disques Dual label, but it took years for that end of things to get on track...

Etnier has many years of experience as an audio engineer, having been a member of the Audio Engineering Society since 1974. He has worked in all phases of audio production from music recording to video postproduction and corporate AV work, and has recorded countless albums, cassettes and Compact Discs for a wide variety of clients. At various times he has been Chief Engineer at the Planet of the Tapes, Fishtraks and Megaphone recording studios, and served as president of Megaphone in the late 1980's. He was Audio Director of the Olympic skating spectacular SuperSkates, at New York's Madison Square Garden, from 1974-1985.

John Etnier photo 2He has released four albums of his own music: modem, The Demo, Arterial and Performance, the first two being rock oriented, the latter focussing on scoring for performance and multimedia. These releases have garnered praise in various national magazines including OPtion, Electronic Musician & Sound Choice. (Click for another profile, from Casco Bay Weekly.) In the late 1970's he was a founding member of the seminal punk-jazz group The Same Band. Over the last decade his scores have been commissioned and performed by many of the area's performing and media artists.

Etnier also has over twenty years experience in graphic design. He has designed newspapers, advertising, posters and other materials, and has created CD and cassette packaging and posters for countless recording artists.

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